Advanced API Management

  • Create Secure API Proxies
  • Create API Packs from multiple APIs
  • Create transformation rules using JavaScript
  • Import and Generate Swagger 2.0 specification
  • REST to/from SOAP Conversion with Native REST support


  • Attach pricing plans
  • Define free and paid quotas
  • Optionally collect Setup and termination fees
  • Generate rate card for the store

Policy Enforcement

  • OAuth 2
  • Request Throttling
  • Request Rate Limiting
  • Time of the day limiting
  • Request payload size control
  • XML and JSON threats protection
  • Backend overload protection
  • Cluster-wide global policies

Multiple Publisher Teams

  • Built in Multi-tenancy to allow each Business Unit to expose their own APIs
  • Each tenant can publish their own developer portal on their own gateways
  • Optional publisher driven developer on-boarding

Granular Control

  • Fine-grained control on publisher functions for users and groups
  • Delegated administration


  • Approval cycles for common API publishing tasks
  • Separation of concerns for Business and Technical users
  • Approval of pricing definition and changes
  • Approval of policies
  • Optional Approval of developer registrations

Identity Management Integration

  • Integration points to easily plug your own identity management
  • Map your enterprise directory to publisher users and groups

Billing Integration

  • Integration points to easily plug your own billing system
  • Extensibility of built-in Monetisation rules


  • Every function in Publisher and Developer portal is an API. Customise as you wish.


  • Built-in Analytics for Publishers to track API use
  • Dashboards and charts within publisher portal
  • Leverage data for custom reporting

Developer Portal Content Management

  • Customisation at each tenant level
  • No third-party content management dependency. Plain and Simple HTML files.
  • Every developer portal feature is an API. Integrate your own content management or website.

Self Service

  • Developer self registration
  • Delegated administration
  • Application Registration
  • Import and Generate Swagger 2.0 specification
  • REST to/from SOAP Conversion with Native REST support

Subscription Management

  • API Plan Subscription request
  • Subscription renewal


  • Approvals for production use

Key Management

  • Self-service based Token generation
  • API-driven token lifecycle management
  • Subscription key management

Integrated Discussion Forum

  • Support Ticket Management
  • Feature request submission
  • Bug tracking


  • Integrated Analytics to track API usage
  • Revenue share reporting


  • Event driven HTTP request processing
  • High concurrency
  • JavaScript engine for high speed header and payload transformation
  • OAuth 2.0
  • HTTP Basic
  • API driven and Publisher portal driven administration
  • Cluster-wide Policy enforcement
  • Asynchronous statistics and log recording
  • XML and JSON threat protection
  • Rate limiting and throttling policy enforcement
  • Backend Protection
  • AutoScale capability
  • Backend time out and uptime monitoring

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