Think beyond API Management. Think API-o-Blocks.

Winning in the API Economy is not just about buying API Management software.  It is connecting the dots all the way from strategy to execution.

Read and comment on our free e-Book online, written based on our real-life experience in executing API programs - "The Digital API Economy: Beneficiaries, Enablers and Catalysts" in a book blog format:

Take a structured approach to build a Digital API economy. Start with API Strategy. Use Digital Business Model repository tool for monetisation ideas.
Use our library of API Governance material, ranging from API design guidelines to runtime processes. Derived from our extensive system integration experience in SOA and API Management.
Leverage automation to discover API candidates from customer journeys and project specifications. With the API Hunter tool.
Accelerate the development lifecycle with a set of automation tools. From documentation generators to simulation tools.

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